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5ht1A antagonist?

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1 5ht1A antagonist? on Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:51 pm


I am greatly interested in 5ht1a antagonists. I suffer mostly from emotional anhedonia, depersonalization, blank mind, cognitive problems and mild PSSD ever since taking SSRIs at 15 a long time ago. None of these symptoms were ever present before taking SSRIs and have been permanent ever since. I don't care much for the PSSD which is mild anyways, IMO emotional anhedonia is far worse even if I would have full blown PSSD.

Nothing I tried really ever helped except for NSI-189 which helped a little bit for emotions and being more interested in stuff. So I am greatly interested about 5ht1a antagonists which I hope might help correct the issue with more efficacy than NSI-189.

I would like to know if anyone ever had experiences with 5ht1a antagonist? I would like to try Lecozotan but I am unable to find it anywhere. I've seen way 100-635 being sold at, it is quite expensive and I haven't seen anyone having any experience with it so I am quite hesitant.

I have also seen metergoline at fair price, the vendor says its 5ht1/5ht2 antagonist on top of being a D2 agonist, yet I've seen other reports from literature with no mention of it as a 5ht1A antagonist so i am a bit confused about whether or not it is a 5ht1a antagonist.

My first choice would be lecozotan since it has been very much tested and seems safe but its simply not available. Way 100-635 sounds good too but I just can't find any self reports. 450$ is a high price to pay for something that no one seems to have tried... And metergoline I have no idea whether or not it affects 5ht1a.


2 Re: 5ht1A antagonist? on Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:41 pm


Another drug to try would be lisuride. It's 5ht1a agonist but I believe that D2 and 5ht2a agonism is what could help emotions.

3 Re: 5ht1A antagonist? on Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:49 pm


Admin / Head Writer
Admin / Head Writer
Well Kpavel is Correct, 5-HT2A and Dopamine D2 increase emotions and activity, whereas 5-HT1-receptors suppress Emotions, generally, emotions are promoted by Dopamine and Glutamate, as well as cyclic AMP. Serotonin suppresses emotions by 5-HT1-receptors; because those receptors reduce cyclic AMP and Glutamate, but Serotonin can promote Emotions by 5-HT2A, because Glutamate can be indirectly promoted by that receptor.


So, I'd say to iamnumb, you'd want to try D-Aspartic Acid (3 grams per day) and Sarcosine (1.5 grams per day), also increase Protein intake to 100+ Grams per day. You could use Mucuna Pruriens L-Dopa extract which would help your Issues greatly.

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