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Rosemarinic Acid / Butterbur combination; a natural remedy for anxiety addressing where others have failed?

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Admin / Head Writer
Admin / Head Writer
A very unique mechanism of action as well; rosemarinic acid sports GABA Transaminase inhibition; meaning it stops the reuptake of GABA and allows GABA to function better....

Since many individuals with anxiety disorders lack GABA, or the usage thereof, this may be an important asset to those in need.

It would be highly synergistic with something like magnolia extract!

I particularly would recommend rosemarinic acid extract with butterbur combination product, especially to those who also have allergies and OCD; seemed to help my OCD a lot.;jsessionid=132F82520B81BA8E29AFC8735AA99E7B.f01t01

lemon balm;GABA transaminase;rosmarinic acid;ursolic acid;oleanolic acid
A novel pharmacological mechanism of action for the anxiolytic botanical Melissa officinalis L. (lemon balm) is reported. The methanol extract was identified as a potent in vitro inhibitor of rat brain GABA transaminase (GABA-T), an enzyme target in the therapy of anxiety, epilepsy and related neurological disorders. Bioassay-guided fractionation led to the identification and isolation of rosmarinic acid (RA) and the triterpenoids, ursolic acid (UA) and oleanolic acid (OA) as active principles. Phytochemical characterization of the crude extract determined RA as the major compound responsible for activity (40% inhibition at 100 µg/mL) since it represented approximately 1.5% of the dry mass of the leaves. Synergistic effects may also play a role. Copyright © 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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