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Methiothepin - Binding Mechanisms and Effects As A Multiple Serotonin Receptor Antagonists

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Admin / Head Writer
Admin / Head Writer

Methiothepin - Mechanism of Action / Pharmacology / Binding Profile (Area-1255:RC/OD Listings)

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5-HT1 Antagonist w/ Highest Affinity for 5-HT(1)B/D Receptors (1) (2).
5-HT2 Antagonism (Potent @ 2A/2B/2C, but lesser than type 1B/1D) (3) (4)
Alpha-1-Adrenergic (Adrenaline) Antagonist  (possesses vasodilating properties) (5)
STRONG Dopamine D(2) Antagonist (displaying anti-psychotic properties/actions) (6) (7)
STRONG Anti-Histamine (H1-Selective; Producing Sedation, limiting usefulness in cognitive paradigms)  ( 8 )  (9) (10)
Lesser, but significant affinity for 5-HT(6/7) Receptors (11) (12) (13) (14)

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